Are you concerned about the direction and future of our nation? Do you wonder about the kind of world your children and grandchildren will face? Do you ever struggle to maintain your own sense of hope and resolve? Would you like to do more to make a positive difference?

The moment is urgent and the opportunities exciting. The Lord is using the efforts of Strategic Renewal Canada to equip believers, motivate and train many pastors, and ignite churches with a fresh passion for Christ and His glory.

In this very important time in our history, please partner with us. Jesus said, “Where your treasure is there will your heart be also.” Concerned believers, like us, must ask our Lord for a true heart for revival. This is His heart, and as we invest our treasure in this work, our heart will also be engaged.

Would you please join me in a sacrificial commitment to the paramount priority of national revival?

As a Renewal Partner, you will not only enjoy life-changing resources for your walk with Christ, you will also become an integral part of our ministry that God is using to turn things around by His power.

TODAY I am asking you to make your Renewal Partner gift or pledge. You may want to give a sizable one time gift or become a regular monthly, bi-monthly supporter.

As a Renewal Partner you will make a BIG difference at this crucial time in helping us fulfill our vital mission. Also, I want to give back to you by providing regular tools for your spiritual growth and encouragement.

As a Renewal Partner you will receive:

A FREE copy of Dr. Daniel Henderson’s book Fresh Encounters.


  • Personal inspiration each week from God’s Word via our weekly E-devotion.( in partnership with our USA affiliate)
  • A regular Impact Report. Find out how your faithful prayers and financial support changes the lives of others through the efforts of Strategic Renewal Canada.