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Our Mission

We exist to ignite the heart of the Church to seek the Face of God, by coaching its leaders.

Strategic Renewal offers a wide array of products, seminars, and support services to assist you and your church as you grow in your quest to know God more fully.

Strategic Renewal Canada is a non-profit Christian organization.

Personal Renewal

Prayer is not the only thing we do, but it is the first thing we do. Click the link below for a great tool to help you develop your personal vision, and then explore our congregational revival tools to discover how to lead a movement of worship-based prayer in your church. You can experience prayer in a whole new way, fueled by God and His character, not by your needs.

Congregational Revival

Jesus wants the church to be a “house of prayer” and entrusts pastors to lead the way by modeling, motivating, and training the congregation to become effective in a life-changing and enduring prayer ministry.

To renew a congregation you must renew individual hearts, one at a time. We invite you to use these dynamic tools to become impassioned with a vision for true spiritual awakening in your life, church, family, and society. Draw close to God and He will draw close to you.

Leadership Restoration for the Glory of Jesus Christ

If our leaders don’t stay in the fight, we are not going to win the war.¬†Today’s church leaders struggle with incredible ministry complexity and face unprecedented personal challenges. In one survey, 82% of pastors said they would leave the ministry if it were financially feasible to do so. For renewal to be authentic and lasting, church leaders must be holy and whole to lead the way. Strategic Renewal has a passion to assist pastors through ministry resources that encourage their walk with the Lord and personal support to help meet their critical needs.